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Motivating Saints Gives You a Foundation to start leading those in your ward, quorum, or Relief Society!
10+ Thought Leaders Willing To Share Their Secrets To motivating others, creating a vision, & inspiring influence
What You'll Learn During the Training
Brad Wilcox
BYU Professor, Author
  •  How  to be a Coach and not a Critic
  • How   to teach the doctrine in a way that will motivate
  • How  to see Time as a Tool and not an Enemy
  •  Focusing  on Needs not Numbers
  •   Understanding  the difference between motivation and instruction  
  •  Making object lessons EASY to help retain the lesson in the minds of your students
  •  Step to allowing the spirit teach the lesson through object lessons
  • Helping special needs students love Sunday School 
  •  The 5 stages of teaching youth - AWESOME application for youth leaders
  •   Helping youth want to learn so everyone enjoyed the lesson.
DeAnna Murphy
Executive Coach, Author
Scott Newman
Leadership Professor, Business Executive
  •  Christ's atonement allows us to tap that internal drive
  • How a Leader Creates Buy-In
  • How to Motivate Through Love
  • The Power of Persistent Ministering Interview
  •  Building Trust so it Leads to Motivation
  •  The Importance of Ability when striving to motivate
  •  How to Create Lasting Influence 
  • How to Use the Tools of Field Trips & Story Telling 
  •  The 6 Source Model of Influence!
  •   How to Hold People Accountable Once They Have Received an Assignment
  •  Using Environments to Motivate & Influence 
Justin Hale
Master Trainer of Influence
Ryan Gottfredson
Leadership Professor
  •  Effectively Approaching Lack of Performance
  • Motivating the Masses vs. Motivating the Individual
  • Understanding Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation
  • The Power of Engagement
  •  When Blessings Aren't Motivatin
  •  Motivating Through Relationships
  •  The Power of Vision - Your Vision is the Seed to Your Legacy
  • Effective Goal Making & Sharing
  •  How to Motivate People When They Are at Different Stages

Steve Shallenberger
Author, Executive Consultant
Summit Schedule
Each day starting around 6 am (MST) we will feature 2 session on the Live Page which will be available for 24 hours. Below is the summit schedule and it may be subject to change as needed.
March 15
Casey Paul Griffiths - BYU Professor of Church History - Including All Learners in the Lesson
Maria Eckersley - - Helping Youth Teach

March 16
Brad Wilcox - BYU Professor, Author - Creating an Engaging Classroom Experience
Jenny Smith - Blogger, Seminary Teacher - Effective Classroom Setup

March 17 - 18
Jason Hewlett - Professional Speaker - Making Your Lesson Stand Out
Camille Gillham - Blogger - Teaching Primary & Loving it!
Dustin Peterson - Author, Professional Coach - Discovering Your Talents

March 19
David Crenshaw - Professional Speaker, Author - Stimulating Classroom Participation
Maria Eckersley - - Success With Object Lessons

March 20
Scott Newman - College Professor & Trainer - Retention Through Object Lessons
John Huntinghouse - Blogger - Going to Where the Student Is

March 21
Jeff Birk - Professional Speaker, Author - Teach Like a Spiritual Rockstar
Maria Eckersley - - Teaching Those With Special Needs

March 22
Dave Farnsworth - Executive Coach - Questions that Lead to Discussion
Sharon Haynie - Seminary Teacher - Success in Seminary

March 23
Kurt Francom - Executive Director of LeadingLDS - The Power of Doctrine
Ben Bernards - EFY Speaker - Avoiding Death By PowerPoint

Additional Speakers Announced Soon...

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