The online conference that Is changing sunday school forever
Here's how...
The online conference ended on March 24th, but don't worry there is still a way to access the incredible information. Watch the most popular sessions from the conference for FREE by clicking below!
The Conference Included 15+ Professional Teachers Willing To Share Their Secrets To Student Engagement, Teaching Tactics, &Overall Classroom Success
What Attendees Learned During the Summit
Brad Wilcox
BYU Professor, Author
  • The secret to effective teacher council meetings
  • Getting past the old teaching advice and encouraging all teachers to excel
  • Sunday School is not sacrament meeting on a smaller scale!
  • How ward teachers and auxiliaries can work together to make teaching work for your ward
  • How to help students have an INSIDE-OUT experience and not an OUTSIDE-IN experience.
  •  Making object lessons EASY to help retain the lesson in the minds of your students
  • Step to allowing the spirit teach the lesson through object lessons
  • Helping special needs students love Sunday School 
  • The 5 stages of teaching youth - AWESOME application for youth leaders
  • Helping youth want to learn so everyone enjoyed the lesson.
Maria Eckersley
Dave Farnsworth
Business Consultant, Full-time Missionary
  • Asking questions that stimulate discussion so you never wrestle with empty silence
  • Trusting your students to contribute to a dynamic classroom discussion
  • The secret to drawing out personal examples from your students
  • Setting an effective classroom mindset that leads to successful dialogue 
  • Developing stories that solidify the lesson in the hearts of the students
  • Effective classroom setup that stimulate deep learning and avoids distraction 
  • Discouraging cell phone distractions, especially for youth
  • The secret to youth classroom setting to keep them focused on the lesson
  • How to leverage the table, chalkboard, and chairs to stimulate participation and discussion
  • How to identify the physical barriers that impede student learning
Jenny Smith
Blogger, Seminary Teacher
Casey Paul Griffiths
BYU Professor of Church History
  • How to teach to different learning styles so nobody is left out of the lesson
  • 3 tactics to help the teacher be prepared to teach and know the material
  • The power of READINESS, PARTICIPATION, AND APPLICATION in formatting your lesson
  • Creating a HOOK that will capture the attention of your class
  • How to get your students to share their testimony with you and others
  • Spiritually Feeding Yourself While Teaching Primary so you love your calling
  • How to connecting with children so they love Primary
  • Easy ways to reach out to those who don't attend class

Camille Gillham
Blogger at Chicken Scratch N Sniff
Who Spoke at the Summit
Casey Paul Griffiths - BYU Professor of Church History - Including All Learners in the Lesson
Maria Eckersley - - Helping Youth 
Brad Wilcox - BYU Professor, Author - Creating an Engaging Classroom Experience
Jenny Smith - Blogger, Seminary Teacher - Effective Classroom Setup
Jason Hewlett - Professional Speaker - Making Your Lesson Stand Out
Camille Gillham - Blogger - Teaching Primary & Loving it!
Dustin Peterson - Author, Professional Coach - Discovering Your Talents
David Crenshaw - Professional Speaker, Author - Stimulating Classroom Participation
Maria Eckersley - - Success With Object Lessons
Scott Newman - College Professor & Trainer - Retention Through Object Lessons
John Huntinghouse - Blogger - Going to Where the Student Is
Jeff Birk - Professional Speaker, Author - Teach Like a Spiritual Rockstar
Maria Eckersley - - Teaching Those With Special Needs
Dave Farnsworth - Executive Coach - Questions that Lead to Discussion
Sharon Haynie - Seminary Teacher - Success in Seminary
Ben Bernards - EFY Speaker - Avoiding Death By PowerPoint
Grady Kerr - Blogger - Improving Ward Teaching

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